At Leaders Innovate, we operate a little differently from most agencies. We pride ourselves on being full service so you don’t have to recruit and hire multiple teams. Our network of consultants and industry experts allows us to offer a wide range of services to suit your business’s needs in one place.


From your logo to your messaging, your business’s brand is everything. Present yourself in the best light, and attract the customers you want.


More and more customers are shopping online—don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase your revenue!

Digital Marketing

The future of advertising is digital! We’ll set you up with the right digital marketing solutions to help establish your business’s online presence.

Operation Optimization

We can help you optimize your business operations, so you stop wasting money on the little things. 

Data Management

Have a vision, but not sure how to execute it? We’ll help streamline your business’s processes for efficiency.

Tech Refresh

The right tools and technology can mean the difference between success and struggle. Set yourself up with everything you need to grow.


Share industry information, educate your clients, and create a community of listeners. Podcasts are an innovative way to engage and grow.

Partnerships/ Sponsorships

Success is sometimes all about “who you know”, and we can connect you to the right partners and sponsors for your industry.

Financial Wellness

Businesses need to make money. Our team will work with you to ensure your business is financially sound.

Website Builds

A well-built website is the center of your business’s online presence. We’ll help you create a stunning site to attract customers.

Our Impact

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Our Team


Jalen Gildersleeve

Hello, it’s awesome that you are here! At Leaders innovate, we’re passionate about supporting S&M businesses, corporate intrapreneurs, and social entrepreneurs to optimize and innovate your processes. We do this by creating successful, 4 sectors, lucrative companies. I use my background in supply chain optimization and marketing, as well as my software development experience from running an AI company, to support business owners in their growth. 

Through advising and developing several startups,  small businesses, I have learned how to design, implement, course-correct business growth quickly and efficiently. I look at all stages of business development—from website design to operations scaffolding to branding, to organizational behavior(culture) to data and systems thinking, and everything in between. I’m here to help take you to the next level, whatever that looks like for you. Are you ready to really understand your true social impact? Do you want to have access to a brain trust of successful digital transformations, leaders, and scale-ups? Are you ready to challenge yourself to create and capture value in your business? I’m ready to support you in that evolution!

Favorite Quote: “Change your thoughts, change your world.”—Norman Vincent Peele.